the MadiDrop

  • elevating health
  • reducing waterborne illnesses
  • improving quality of life
  • tackling global health challenges
  • addressing safe water storage

“Safe water is a human right.”

United Nations 2010

159 Million

people rely on surface water for drinking water.

Source: World Health

4.6 Million

people in low-income countries suffer every day from diarrhea.

Source: World Health

6 Thousand

children die of water-related diseases every day.

Source: Unicef

the MadiDrop

Place the MadiDrop in a water container.

  • releases
    silver ions
  • to remove
  • that make
    people sick

Works continuously
for six months.

  • No chemicals
  • Just all natural silver ions
  • Found everywhere in nature
  • Harmless to people

1 Madidrop in 10L of water provides drinking water
for an entire family for 6 months.

Safe Water Storage

Keep water safe.

1 Madidrop in up to 20 liters of water.

Leave it in the water.

It will keep the water safe and free of contaminants for many weeks.

Only possible with the MadiDrop.

Bring the MadiDrop and safe drinking water to people in your community and people you serve.

Learn how to:

MadiDrops are being used all over the world, in more than 20 countries and on almost every continent.

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