"Water is life. Water is Health. Water is dignity. Water is a human right." – UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

The M-Drop is a True Safe Water Solution

From cities to peri urban to rural communities in developing economy countries, the M-Drop is the answer to making water safe and keeping families healthy.

Simple to Use

The M‑Drop stays in the household drinking water container for 6 months, continuously controlling and eliminating waterborne illness and disease and providing ongoing protection against secondary contamination. There are no routine dosage requirements, no training, no maintenance and no replacement parts needed!

Highly Effective

Provides up to 99.9999% reduction of waterborne pathogens that cause illness, disease and death, and it keeps stored water safe!

Socially Accepted

It does not chemically change the taste or smell of water nor require needed user interaction, making it easy for people to adapt it as an integral part of how they disinfect and store their drinking water.

All Natural

No chemicals or harmful components make the M‑Drop perfectly safe for people and the planet.

Low Cost

Over 6 months of prevention and protection at the lowest possible cost, compared to other solutions.


The M-Drop also works very well with other water treatment solutions and methods to address residual and revisiting contamination.


The M‑Drop’s small size and light weight makes it easy to transport.

Easy to Store

The M-Drop has a perpetual shelf life, making it a valuable addition to emergency preparation kits.

"I used to suffer from sickness all the time like flu and colds. I was always taking tablets and my body was weak. But since I got the MadiDrop three months ago, I feel fit and I am no longer sick. I don't have to take tablets anymore."

– Dodo Charles, Uganda

All that is needed to provide a family with safe drinking water is a bucket or container, simple fabric filter to remove dirt if needed, and a M‑Drop. This makes the M‑Drop a high impact and low-cost solution for organizations of all kinds!

  • State and local Governments
  • Intergovernmental Agencies
  • Humanitarian Organizations and Groups
  • Disaster Relief Agencies and Organizations
  • Retailers and Distributors of Water Solutions
  • Developers of other types of Water Products

"The MadiDrops are amazing… a miracle for many who live in remote villages."

– Jane Leonhardt, Oak Pointe Church

The Need for Safe Water

Every Person Deserves It

Water contamination, from bacteria and other pathogens, is a major cause of disease and illnesses and is a global health crisis affecting billions of people. When people drink contaminated water, they live in a cycle of ill-health.

Children routinely miss school. Women spend many hours taking care of the sick and their family’s daily water supply. Economic opportunities are missed and long-term health issues prevail.

Child collecting water in standing pool.

No one should get sick from drinking water. And it should not affect the ability to go to school, work or have a decent quality of life!

So what is being done to address the global drinking water crisis?

  • All over the world, humanitarian groups, service clubs and mission-based organizations dig wells, install filter technologies, distribute chemical purifiers, address sanitation issues and educate families about safe water.
  • Disaster and relief organizations stand ready to bring in bottled water and water disinfection products when disasters or humanitarian crises strike.
  • Water advocacy groups work diligently to raise awareness about the plight of communities without reliable drinking water sources.
  • Local citizens, who understand the challenges and realities of unsafe water in their communities, embrace opportunities to import, distribute and sell solutions to address the needs.

Yet water contamination remains widely prevalent, despite the good efforts of these organizations

What is Safe Water?

To understand the water contamination cycle, it is important to know the difference between access to water, clean water and safe water. Each has its challenges and each is not an easy nor simple problem to solve. The goal at MadiDrop PBC is to provide the highest level of protection against waterborne illness. Ensuring safe water is the important part MadiDrop PBC plays in the water crisis.

Water Access – The First Challenge

As a big part of the crisis, access to water is best defined by:

  1. The distances people need to travel to get water
  2. The type of water source (lake, river, well, etc.)
  3. The quality of the source (clean or contaminated).

Many organizations are doing great work to address this challenge – drilling wells, installing pumps and providing solutions for transporting water. This is important and valued work, but does not fully address the crisis. Water from a well might look clean, but may still cause illness and disease. Access alone does not mean safe water.

Clean Water – The Next Challenge

Removing dirt and other dissolved solids from water improves the look and taste, but may not address the disease that cannot be seen. Many techniques and solutions work well at the first, but not the second. Others do an excellent job of both, however do not protect against secondary contamination.



Access to pre-filtered water or a reliable source of clean water does nothing to prevent recontamination due to poor sanitation and hygiene conditions or unsafe storage practices.

The great thing about the M-Drop is it can work harmoniously with these other solutions. It should not matter how the water is accessed, cleaned or stored, people should have the means to keep their water safe. This is what the M-Drop provides; continuous protection against contamination because it stays in the water container.

Safe Water – The Goal

Safe water is clean, free of disease and contamination, and remains that way. The M-Drop provides a low cost and all natural way to effectively remove the waterborne pathogens that cause illness, disease, and death AND it also provides ongoing protection against secondary contamination – All without changing the taste or smell of the water. A true safe water solution!