2017 CBIC Award for Social Good

MadiDrop PBC Receives Award for Social Mission

Charlottesville’s leading entrepreneurs and technologists honored MadiDrop PBC with the CBIC 2017 Social Good Award for our commitment to the global drinking water crisis. The Social Good award recognizes the balance between serving international humanitarian needs and sound business practices.

VIDEO: Improving Attendance and Education with Safe Water

Watch the inspiring video of improved classroom outcomes attributed to access to safe drinking water. A Rocha Uganda and Faith in Water implemented a classroom drinking water initiative using MadiDrops to see if safe water in the class improved attendance and education.

Global social responsibility

Should Your Company be a Public Benefit Corp or a Certified B Corp?

Public benefit companies and Certified B Corps offer pathways to be intentionally outward-facing and socially-minded. For MadiDrop PBC, these designations serve us well, ensuring our commitment to the health of families around the world as well as to sound business principles.

Five Stunning Facts About Clean Water

Excellent summary of the global drinking water crisis. We are pleased to be Business Connect's partner in addressing this critical need. Safe water technologies, such as the MadiDrop, can fill the gaps, especially where water infrastructure and traditional approaches are failing.

Outdoor faucets provide access to municipally-piped water

Debating the Real Cost of Drinking Water

Researchers at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore have provided a thorough overview of complex global drinking water ecosystems. They give an interesting perspective on the term, "improved sources of water."

A female headed household receives MadiDrops for their safe water needs.

Rhino Refugee Camp Update

In northwest Uganda, our MadiDrop ambassador, John Jaldak and his colleagues in the Danish Refugee Council recently distributed MadiDrops to South Sudanese families in the Agulupi Village in the Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement.

Most of world's water locked in ice

Where is the Drinkable Water?

There is so much water available on earth, but how much of it is drinkable? The World Bank's infographic reveals the truth. Most of the water is too salty and the rest is locked up in ice.

Flooding often results in contaminated drinking water as sewers and pipes are infiltrated.

Practical Ways to Provide Disaster Relief

Our partners at Business Connect provide a good checklist for individuals who want to help when disasters hit. Read John Hawthorne's blog post on practical ways to help in a disaster.

Message from CEO, David Dusseau

It’s been just over a year since we launched the M-Drop. Since then, we’ve met many organizations and individuals committed to relieving the world’s drinking water dilemma.

Women in Nicaragua holding a year's worth of safe water.

The Power of HWTS and WSPs for Safe Water

The Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST) provides an important technical brief on Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage (HWTS) and Water Safety Plans (WSPs).