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Rural Drinking Water Initiative


Pandi Forest, Zambia


Oak Pointe Church

Oak Pointe Church is a faith-based community devoted, in part, to outreach and medical assistance in Zambia, particularly helping with clean drinking water.

The church reports that Zambia is one of the poorest nations in the world. Many of their 14 million citizens struggle to provide themselves and their families with basic human needs. 4.8 million people are currently living without access to clean water and are forced to drink unclean water.

Their drinking water is often polluted by dangerous pathogens caused by the presence of dead animals upstream and large amounts of untreated waste. The majority of these Zambians live outside the city limits in remote areas, making it nearly impossible to ship clean water to them.

Working with Seeds of Hope International Partnerships, Oak Pointe Church raises funds and sends volunteers and staff to provide biosand filters. Advocating for M-Drops as “a new technology to help remote villages”, Oak Pointe Church also raises funds to use M-Drops as a solution where water filtration systems are not an option.

MadiDrop Implementation

For Oak Pointe Church, M-Drops are a way to extend their  work  into  far-reaching  corners  of  Zambia.  In its initial deployment, the church worked with Campus Crusades in the Pandi Forest region  to help 1200 people who had been displaced by the government. Living in 6’x 6’ huts, the families had no access to water treatment equipment such as filters or chemicals. M-Drops provided a lightweight, easy-to-carry, simple approach to safe drinking water and storage. Because the MadiDrops are low cost, the church was able to purchase enough to have a significant impact on households in the region.

"The MadiDrops proved to be extremely useful as we were able to provide for a village that was so remote that the biosand water filters that we typically use were actually too heavy to transport. We were able to bring M-Drops to this village and provide close to 1.5 years worth of clean water. As a result 1200 people in this village are experiencing clean water for the first time! Truly amazing!"

- Brent Buttermore, Global Missions Pastor

The impact on the health and life quality in this community inspired the church to dedicate more time and funds to its safe water mission. Most recently, the organization purchased additional M-Drops for deployment to Haiti to assist with rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Matthew as well as M-Drops destined for water relief efforts in Ecuador.