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Refugee Camp Drinking Water Initiative


Rhino Camp, Uganda


MadiDrop Ambassador Program in conjunction with the Danish Refugee Council

Rhino Camp

The Rhino Refugee Camp Settlement, located in Arua District in northwestern Uganda on the outskirts of the country’s largest game park, has been the “temporary” home to over 55,000 refugees, predominately from South Sudan. Mainly female-headed households with young children, families predominately rely on boreholes with hand pumps, tap stands and water trucks during times of emergency for their water supplies. Malnutrition due to disruptions in food supplies is an on-going concern. Looting and occasional attacks by anti-government rebels contribute to food and water insecurity.

In response to a growing number of inquiries from individual citizens concerned about the water safety in their communities, MadiDrop PBC created the MadiDrop Ambassador Program. The program gives concerned individuals an opportunity to introduce and champion the M-Drop approach in their communities.

Responding to a MadiDrop PBC Facebook competition, John Jaldak was selected as one of our first MadiDrop Ambassadors. In association with the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), an agency providing humanitarian relief in the camp and to water, sanitation and hygiene education, John understood the impact M-Drops could have in this underserved area of Uganda where safe water and proper sanitation are in short supply.

MadiDrop Implementation:

John saw a desperate need for safe water especially among some of the most vulnerable people in the camp. Donated by MadiDrop PBC and working with the DRC, the team provided M-Drops to selected female-headed households and to households where there was a person living with disabilities or special needs.

The effective introduction of M-Drops to this community, with high adoption and satisfaction rates, encouraged the DRC about the efficacy of the MadiDrop approach. Additional funds are being raised to expand the number of M-Drops available for all households in the camp.

"I am proud to introduce MadiDrops to this community. Safe water is a sustainable development goal and it is our responsibility to save lives with safe water. The MadiDrops are doing great. We used them for water quality testing and they were superb. MadiDrops have been distributed in the camp where water contamination is high.”"
John Jaldak
MadiDrop Ambassador