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PROJECT: Urban Drinking Water Initiative

ORGANIZATION: Michigan State University

LOCATION: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

In cities like Dar es Salaam, many families usually treat their drinking water by boiling the water. The challenges with this method are the cost of the fuel (charcoal and gas), and poor safety. In July 2016, a team from Michigan State University, studying waterborne illness rates in Tanzania, introduced M-Drops to select families. After using, the families said they really liked the M-Drop as an alternative to boiling, and they were willing to buy if available on the market.

PROJECT: BioSand Filter Companion Product Initiative


LOCATION: Tanzania

SON International is a U.S. based, Christian organization who runs a biosand filter program in Morogoro, Tanzania. Several years of follow-up tests demonstrated there was still a problem of contamination of filtered water while in storage. During a Seeds of Hope Ministry conference, they learned of the M-Drop and identified it as a solution to this problem. They are using the M-Drop as a simple-to-use companion product to address residual contamination.