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Household Drinking Water Initiative


Nzali, Tanzania


Carpenter’s Kids

School children in Tanzania hold up their M-Drops

Carpenter’s Kids is a program operated by the Anglican Diocese of Central Tanganyika based in Dodoma in the central region of Tanzania. It provides Tanzanian HIV/AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children with basic education and health needs.

"We are all so excited about the MadiDrop and its use in Tanzania! There seems to be a decline in waterborne disease in Nzali and there has not been one incident of cholera in Nzali during the most recent outbreak in the area. People are feeling that their new education about clean water and the MadiDrops are the reason. The perception is making them pay greater attention to the importance of clean water."

– Carolyn Achenbach, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Ivy, Virginia

It is estimated that there are 40,000 or more HIV/ AIDS orphans in the diocese. Through Carpenter’s Kids, the diocese works with parishes throughout the world to ensure educational access and improved health for vulnerable children in Central Tanganyika.

For the past six years, St. Paul’s  Episcopal Church in Ivy, Virginia has worked with Carpenter’s Kids to support children in the village of Nzali. In addition to providing rainwater-harvesting tanks, self-composting toilets and safe water education, the partnership introduced MadiDrops to 70 families in the village. M-Drops are now used in the clinic, school and individual households to treat water from borehole or shallow wells. There had previously been no water treatment in place.

Based on overwhelming enthusiasm and demand, the partnership expanded use of M-Drops to an additional three villages in 2016. The communities embrace the M-Drop approach to overnight treatment, especially since it does not add taste or smell to the drinking water. Families believe that the M-Drop is providing them with good health.