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Household Implementation and Evaluation


Tadazna, Nicaragua


Jefferson Public Citizens

Jefferson Public Citizens conduct CBT tests on M-Drop treated water.

The Jefferson Public Citizens (JPC) program, hosted by the University of Virginia (UVA), provides grants to students who are passionate about public service, scholarship and research. Students propose a project that addresses a documented community need or social problem. Guided by a faculty mentor, the students research the problem, collect and analyze data, propose solutions and implement them. Two of the thirteen recipients of the 2016 JPC awards focused on safe water implementation using the MadiDrop.

Project Title:

Seeking Water Purification in  Tadazna, Nicaragua: A Needs-Based Assessment of Rural Human-Water Interaction

The JPC students partnered with Bridges to Community, a Nicaraguan humanitarian development agency focused on health, housing, education and economic development. Working with community leaders, the team of students distributed M-Drops to families who rely on the community water box or use untreated water from local wells or streams. The community’s water system collects water from a stream, filters debris, and stores it in a cistern before delivering it through pipes to homes in the main area of town. Villagers receive water every other day for approximately two hours. There is a standard monthly fee to be a part of the water system.

Household acceptance data showed the low maintenance of the M-Drop was easy for the families to incorporate in their daily tasks.