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Community Health Initiative


Villages in the State of Andhra Pradesh and near Hyderabad, India


Ultimate Mission

A health worker demonstrates the M-Drop in a rural village outside Hyderabad, India.

Ultimate Mission is a faith-based organization committed to reducing the mortality rate of young children in India. According to Ultimate Mission, India accounts for nearly one quarter of all child deaths in the entire world. Many of these deaths are due to poor nutrition, unclean drinking water and lack of sanitation.

To address these health issues, the organization focuses on empowering women in India to become medical missionaries. Ultimate Mission provides the missionaries with basic training in first aid, nutrition, hygiene and clean water safety. This training gives the women the abilities they need to save lives and provides them with income to support their families.

The organization has conducted over 70,000 health visits per year in support of their Healthy Heart and Safe Water initiatives.

MadiDrop Implementation:

When Ultimate Mission’s Jim Reynolds heard about MadiDrops, he knew he had found the solution he had been seeking. To support the group’s safe water initiative, he needed a low-cost technology easily transported to villages in India. He needed a simple, effective solution medical missionaries could incorporate in their rural health programs. The M-Drop addressed these needs.

In its first deployment, the organization provided M-Drops to its healthcare providers working in villages near the cities of Kadapa, Rajahmundry, Guntur and Sangareddy in the State of Andhra Pradesh. They used M-Drops as part of their rural outreach and education programs to teach families about clean water safety.  M-Drops were also used  in village clinics to promote safe water practices and treat water-borne illnesses.

Community leaders reported, in some rural communities, families believe “their Goddess is angry” when people get sick and die. M-Drops are helping to educate families about why their water, often drawn from bore holes, lakes and streams, makes them sick.

"In Venkata Reddy Palli, we do not have good water to drink. We always fall sick from diarrhea. Our pastor gave me a MadiDrop to kill germs in the water. As soon as I received it, my family started to feel better. Now we are all healthy. MadiDrops are taking such good care of our village."

- Lakshmi D.

"At first some families did not accept this MadiDrop. They didn’t believe that their water was making them sick. But some families really believed and accepted our explanations about MadiDrop. After one month, I returned to the same villages where we distributed them and heard amazing testimonies. The good news is those who rejected MadiDrops came to us asking for them."

- Ultimate Mission Nurse

Community health care workers in Andhra Pradesh

There was overwhelming acceptance of the M-Drops by the families involved in the safe water project. As a result of the successful adoption in villages in Andhra Pradesh, Ultimate Mission deployed a second round of M-Drops near the urban center of Hyderabad. Results indicate families in less rural areas are also embracing M-Drops as a safe water solution.

M-Drops fit Ultimate Mission’s goals not only because they treat drinking water and reduce disease, but because they are central to building a network of support, encouragement and education among community members.

Find out more about M-Drops as Ultimate Mission’s Safe Water Solution www.ultimatemission.net/sponsor-clean-water.html