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PROJECT: Saltadere Drinking Water Initiative

ORGANIZATIONS: St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church and Holy Comforter Water Committee, Charlottesville, VA

LOCATION:  Saltadere

Community members gather to wash clothes and collect drinking water.

For many years, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church and Holy Comforter Church have worked with their partner parish, St. Michel in Saltadere, on safe drinking water projects. The villagers rely on an old and failing community cistern for washing, cooking and drinking water. In 2015, the committee purchased M-Drops for its “bucket purification” program used in in the clinic and school. With on-going contaminated water sources, the committee purchased additional M-Drops for both household and emergency use when water sources are further compromised.

PROJECT: Rural Drinking Water Initiative

ORGANIZATION: Mission of Hope

LOCATION: Leveque, Bercy, Titanyen, Caberet, and Minotree

Sponsored by Rio Vista Community Church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, M-Drops were distributed by Mission of Hope to village champions in 5 villages outside of Port-au-Prince. In these villages community members retrieve their water from water trucks, rivers, and wells. Recipients were very enthused to obtain M-Drops. After the introduction phase, Rio Vista Community Church plans on following up with a larger distribution.

PROJECT: Disaster Response



In southern Haiti, the town of Torbeck and its surrounding villages took a direct hit from 2016’s Hurricane Matthew, a Category 4 storm. Villages such as Tiverny were completely destroyed. Located nearby, Poured-Out’s compound, Missions La Bible Parle, is serving as a refugee camp for 800 people, as well as acting as a distribution center for food/hygiene aid kits, in which some M-Drops have been included, providing the refugees with a simple tool to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases.