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PROJECT: Rural Drinking Water Initiative


LOCATION: Nicaragua

Waves of Love sharing MadiDrops with communities in Nicaragua.

As a Christian based organization, headquartered in Popoyo, Nicaragua, Waves of Love constructs new homes for neighboring low resource communities, in addition to their food, water, clothing, and education efforts. In the past, they have used many different kinds of filters in the communities they serve, but it seemed like they never were properly used because of maintenance issues, which turned into a waste of money and resources. They saw the M-Drop as a great solution because of its longevity and simplicity to incorporate into people’s daily routine, in addition to its affordability.

"We have been out in the community visiting people and providing the MadiDrop to rural families. They are very excited about the simplicity of use. Everyone is very grateful to be able to have clean drinking water everyday just by placing the MadiDrop in their bucket. We look forward to being able to provide clean drinking water to the people of Nicaragua and helping them live healthier lives." – Michael Lindsey, President, Waves of Love 

PROJECT: Household Drinking Water Initiative

ORGANIZATION: Fundación Centro de Sueños

LOCATION: Guatemala

Resident of Guatemala retrieves municipal water.

Based in La Antigua, FCDS focuses on many humanitarian efforts in the region including safe water due to the large numbers of people without access to clean drinking water. The water sources tend to come from the municipality and wells; both being clear water, but still not safe.

FCDS saw the M-Drop as a great product to add to their filter program. Running the M-Drop through a very high contamination water test, they were impressed by the amount of coliform and bacteria reduction it produced, and saw it as very viable for treating the water types in the region.

PROJECT: Rural Drinking Water Initiative

ORGANIZATION: First Baptist Church (Charlottesville)

LOCATION: Guatemala

After establishing a partnership with native pastors who work in two rural villages of about 300 families each outside of Cuilapa, First Baptist Church wanted to give their partners a tool for their safe water efforts. Unfortunately, in these villages there are no wells, and water is scarce. Many residents rely on an unsustainable aquifer, along with rainwater catchment schemes. After researching, the First Baptist Church’s pastor was excited to find a solution being manufactured in his hometown. He saw the M-Drop as a great tool to improve the health of the Guatemalan communities. The M-Drops were very well received during the initial distribution, and First Baptist Church sees it as a great testimony to open doors for future families to receive M-Drops.

PROJECT: Rural Drinking Water Initiative


LOCATION: El Salvador

A citizen of the United States was traveling to El Salvador to visit his family. He was concerned for his family and their community. He said the region is suffering from water shortages, and their well water is causing people to get diarrhea. After calling a governmental contact, and performing his own research, he concluded that the M-Drop was the best solution for his family and their community. Because of its portability and low cost, he was able to travel with enough M-Drops to supply 6 months of safe water to the community.

PROJECT: Rural Drinking Water Initiative

ORGANIZATION: Project Belize

LOCATION: Mayan villages in southern Belize

Project Belize is a non-profit organization who sends a group of doctors, nurses and dentists to Belize, providing medical treatment to over 1000 people each year. Oftentimes in the villages they visit, there is a need for safe and sustainable drinking water. Sources of water include small murky streams, shallow wells, and cisterns to store rainwater caught from tin roofed sheds and open rain gutters. After receiving permission from the village elders, Project Belize’s local health worker disbursed M-Drops to families, providing them with an all-natural product that does not unfavorably change the taste and smell of their drinking water.