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PROJECT: School Drinking Water Initiative


LOCATION: Western Kenya

The local communities are involved with rainwater collection practices. The project implementers had previously tried Sawyer and Chujio filters, but had problems with each, and were looking for a more affordable, yet effective solution – thus their interest in M-Drops. For the project, they partnered with Tenwek Community Health and Development who run a WASH program in 61 schools. Several schools were selected to receive a container and an M-Drop in each classroom. Pleased with the performance and portability, members of the Waterlines’ team will be returning in 2017 with more M-Drops.

PROJECT: Distribution Exploration Project

ORGANIZATION: Raj Ushanga House Limited


As a Nairobi-based organization involved in providing Pay as You Go Solar Systems and clean cookstoves to communities in the East African region, Raj Ushanga House Limited saw the M-Drop as a product that would add value to their product range based on safe water being a primary requirement in the region. With an initial consignment underway, the M-Drop makes a great addition to their product line as a low cost safe water solution.

Ward 13

PROJECT: Rural Drinking Water Initiative

ORGANIZATION: Sansun Logistics

LOCATION: Msinga Ward 13, South Africa

Community members retrieve drinking water from the nearby river. 78% of the community gets help from the local clinic because of this unclean water. In April 2016, people lined up at the local school to receive M-Drops and accompanying buckets from local implementer, Sansun Logistics – giving them a simple household water system to fight waterborne illness.

PROJECT: Orphaned Children Drinking Water Initiative

ORGANIZATION: Ghana Without Orphans / Flowing Streams Ministries


Ghana Without Orphans, a Christian based organization, was looking for a product to incorporate into their safe water community outreach efforts in Eastern Ghana. After evaluating the request and organization, a U.S. based Christian organization stepped in and sponsored the deployment of M-Drops. In addition to the initiative, Ghana Without Orphans is aspiring to work in conjunction with the Government of Ghana, including regional, municipal, and district Chief Executives to provide M-Drops to communities in need of socially acceptable and desired products to disinfect drinking water.

PROJECT: School Drinking Water Initiative

ORGANIZATION: African Peace Partners


U.S. based, African Peace Partners (APP), is committed to supporting the Ihumure Peace Association in Rwanda. With their activities focused in the Rubavu district in the northwest corner of the country, they build capacity by bringing training and financial resources to Ihumure for its groundbreaking work in healing post-genocide Rwanda. In July, APP sponsored a deployment of M-Drops in a school for people infected with HIV, giving them a simple tool to reduce waterborne illness.