Where in the World is MadiDrop?

At MadiDrop PBC, we believe everyone should have access to safe drinking water. This vision drives everything we do.

Across the globe the M-Drop is positively impacting the lives of over 50,000 people. Working with humanitarian groups, mission-based organizations, and distributors in 41 countries, MadiDrop PBC is addressing the critical number of waterborne diseases that result from contaminated water.

Below are links to various overviews of organizations distributing M-Drops in a variety of applied uses and water conditions. These examples demonstrate how a simple, low cost ceramic tablet effectively contributes to community health, while also proving to be a socially acceptable and desired solution for safe household water treatment.

"Since I got my MD I’ve not gotten sick in Micronesia." – Dr. Koh Ming Wei, PREL
"We are now having safe water, especially during this hot season when the municipal water supply has had green water coming from the water point taps." – Esnart Phiri, Zambia
"As soon as I received from her this MadiDrop I started using it and now in our family we all are healthy" – Lakshmi Devi, Andhra Pradesh, India
Our relationships with the many organizations in these highlights are examples of the importance of resources, assets and communities coming together with a common vision – to improve health by reducing waterborne diseases. We are proud to be a part of this global community, offering the M-Drop as an easy-to-use, highly effective, low cost and socially acceptable solution – a simple approach to a global health crisis.
David Dusseau, President and CEO