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Rhino Refugee Camp Update

In northwest Uganda, our MadiDrop ambassador, John Jaldak and his colleagues in the Danish Refugee Council recently distributed MadiDrops to South Sudanese families in the Agulupi Village in the Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement. Female-headed households with young children were prioritized. With the MadiDrop, the power is now in their hands to control waterborne illness and disease, which is one step among many towards a better life and better health.

A female headed household receives MadiDrops for their safe water needs.
Women receive MadiDrops
A woman holds up her MadiDrop, which was distributed by the Danish Refugee Council.
Woman receives MadiDrop
A child collects drinking water.
MadiDrop Ambassador, John Jaldak give the kids something to smile about.

MadiDrop Ambassador, John Jaldak, give the children something to smile about.

John Jaldak (left), and Victor Alex, Project Manager Society for Civic Development SCD.