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Practical Ways to Provide Disaster Relief


Boys row boat in flooded city street

Our partners at Business Connect provide a good checklist for individuals who want to help when disasters hit. Read John Hawthorne’s blog post on practical ways to help in a disaster. John provides “high time, high commitment” ideas as well as less involved options.

Volunteer your time to make sure there are enough people to get all of the tasks done. Ways to volunteer are far-ranging and include collecting supplies, lobbying community leaders and businesses for support, and organizing benefits to raise funds and seek donations of food and supplies.

Donate money as a fast, practical way to have an impact. Relief organizations can use the funds where and how they’re needed the most.

Advocate and raise awareness, particularly about regions, communities or groups needing support. Sign petitions (check out change.org) or use social media to spread the word.

Become a reservist with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Get paid, receive training and deploy when and where you’re needed.

At MadiDrop PBC, we’re devoted to safe drinking water for all people everywhere. Safe water is usually one of the first humanitarian needs when disaster strikes. Working with Business Connect, we’re expanding the geography where M-Drops can be used so that they are ready and available when drinking water infrastructure fails or natural disasters occur.