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Water Disinfection Tablet Expected to Help Millions in Developing Countries

featurenewsstory_interview_2015CCTV Africa reports on the potential of the MadiDrop to address dangerous drinking water throughout the world. See the video.

Filmed on location at the MadiDrop PBC production facility in Charlottesville, CEO David Dusseau describes the MadiDrop’s simplicity of use. “The MadiDrop is a small ceramic tablet embedded with silver. When placed in 10 liters of water, it releases silver ions and disinfects the water.”

Chief Scientific Officer, James Smith, PhD, explains the significance of the issue. “The biggest problem in the developing world, particularly in Africa, is the prevalence of waterborne pathogens. These are micro organisms that colonize your gastrointestinal system and make you sick. This includes things like cholera and cryptosporidium and pathogenic strains of e.coli.”

Reporter Kevin McAleese states that most at risk from unsafe water are children. The United Nations estimates that over 800,000 under the age of 5 die as a result of contaminated water each year. “The MadiDrop will help to reduce those child deaths, reduce growth stunting, reduce cognitive impairment. And that will have a big impact on daily adjusted life years in these African populations,” says Smith.